Meditation For All People

A Campus Ministry Outreach in Portland, Oregon

Our mission is to create a spiritual community that:

  • Provides practical guidance and techniques of meditation for attaining balanced physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
  • Encourages the revelation and experience of complete harmony within oneself.
  • Advocates cultural and spiritual understanding of all people.
  • Teaches one to live life fearlessly.
  • Gives like-minded students a community to practice mindfulness.
  • Encourages the principle of universal love, which allows the practice of forgiveness, tolerance, generosity and humility.
  • Provides a safe and loving environment to strengthen one’s connection with God.
  • Offers a place where the life and teachings of the great spiritual teachers are shining examples.
  • Provides sacred space where the divine is recognized and acknowledged in each other – where each individual is both the teacher and the student.
  • Is a community where diversity of thought is honored.
  • Creates a fountain of sustaining spiritual nourishment where those who come, leave feeling “full” and complete.